Lakeview School Reunion Scholarship Fund

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Prior to desegregation, African American students in Big Spring attended high school on the north side of town in the building located on the west end of Father Delaney Street. Lakeview High School was in operation for many years until its last graduating class crossed the stage in 1961. The Lakeview School Reunion Scholarship Fund was created in November of 2021. The funds provided to start the scholarship were generated primarily from a 2019 effort to finance a reunion of former Lakeview High School students. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic made it unsafe to hold a reunion, so the funds were added to significant donations from brothers Clarance and Dennis Hartfield to create the Lakeview School Reunion Scholarship Fund under the umbrella of the Big Spring Area Community Foundation. Proposed recipients for the Lakeview School Reunion Scholarship are chosen by the principal and counselors at Big Spring High School. So that the scholarship is available to students who might not otherwise receive a scholarship, candidates are selected from Big Spring High School seniors who rank below the top 10% of their graduating class. The first Lakeview School Reunion Scholarship was awarded in the summer of 2022 to Derek Howard who is currently studying at Howard College to become a teacher and a coach.