The Mansfield-Wrightsil Scholarship Fund

"Good, better, best - - never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best." -Anna Mae Huey

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The Mansfield-Wrightsil Scholarship Fund was established in September of 2021 by siblings Dickie Wrightsil and his sister Chandra Wrightsil Mayfield in memory and honor of Howard County rodeo legend Toots Mansfield and his wife Mary Nell. In the spring of 1981, while Dickie and Chandra were students in the Big Spring ISD, the Wrightsil family suffered a devasting house fire that destroyed their home. At the time, and for many years thereafter, Dickie’s and Chandra’s grandmother, Anna Mae Huey, was employed by the Mansfields. In short, Toots and Mary Nell came to the rescue. Dickie, Chandra, their brother Jerald, and Anna Mae were immediately housed at a local hotel, clothing and necessities were purchased for the entire Wrightsil family, and plans were made to have the old house razed and a new one built for the Wrightsils. The Mansfields continued their interest and involvement in the lives of the Wrightsil children as Dickie, Chandra, and Jerald progressed through college and into successful careers. The Mansfield-Wrightsil Fund is intended to help do for others what was done for the Wrightsil family by Toots and Mary Nell Mansfield.

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Chandra Wrightsil Mayfield

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Dickie Wrightsil

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Mary Nell Edwards Mansfield

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Toots Mansfield